The Big Orange Monster and four creepy bats issue a decree that takes all the fun away in the "Land of the Brave". Join Emma as she learns to face her fears and confront the bully--the Big Orange Monster--by uniting the town-folks.
Whether you want to empower your children against bullying or help your child withstand the damaging effects of Donald Trump's presidency, "Emma and the Big Orange Monster" is the perfect book to help families cope with the current political dynamics. 

"On a bright, sunny day in the Land of the Brave,
little Emma, who was no more than eight,
was running and dancing underneath a tree
along with her friends brimming full of glee.
Unity suddenly, 
they heard this loud-awful screech!
The whole City stopped and looked,
"That's odd," Emma said. "I can't see who's making that terrible sound."
But the screeching grew louder
and louder-until it was found.
Coming from four creepy bats, mouth wide open and hanging upside-down.